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Nothing says luxury quite like a well-crafted Swiss watch. The Swiss are known for their impeccable watch making, and SWJ is proud to be your Swiss watch source. SWJ buys, sells, services and enhances Swiss watches.

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SWJ is a very competitive buyer we pay top cash prices for all high-grade Swiss and American vintage watches.

Mission Statement

Since 1979, Southwest Jewel (SWJ) has been servicing the trade. SWJ has over 40 years of experience in buying, selling, servicing, and enhancing Swiss watches for our customers in U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Australia. 

Every store owner knows what a new Rolex looks like however when it comes to buying a used watch things can get a little cloudy. Not all pre-owned Rolex are the same. We all know there are unscrupulous sellers on the net not to mention the ones who come in your store trying to sell their uncle Charlies' watch they just inherited. When selling luxury pre-owned timepieces you want to know with absolute certainty what you are representing & selling to your customer is the real deal & is as represented.
SWJ has been selling pre-owned Rolex for 40+ years so we come with the knowledge & the experience to ensure you are getting exactly what you ordered at a fair competitive price. Your store name & reputation depend on it.

To ensure you are pleased SWJ offers a 3-day approval memo' We invite you to check out the watch to make sure it meets your specifications. To this end, SWJ cleans & services the movement, polishes the case & band to factory new finish. Replaces all gaskets & seals & pressure checks the case & meticulously inspects each timepiece to ensure there are no problems.

SWJ offers a 2 Year Warranty.

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